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In pursuit of
Career Our comprehensive benefits program, humanistic management, and complete training plans have successfully developed numerous professional, responsible, and hard-working R&D staff and managers.  We cordially welcome those who share the same vision with us to join Sentelic!

Employee Benefits

  • Bouns
    • 1.Bouns
    • 2.Stock Option Certificates
  • Insurance
    • 1.Labor insurance
    • 2.National health insurance
    • 3.Employee insurance
  • Established Management Systems
    • 1.Well-rounded training plans
    • 2.Promotion opportunities
  • Recreation: Company outing
  • Leave Programs
    • 1.Work 5 days a week
    • 2.Annual leave
    • 3.Maternity leave
    • 4.Paternity leave
    • 5.Menstrual leave