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Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-corruption policy
Sentelic Corportaion  adheres to the business practices of honesty and integrity, and abides by the laws and moral values of the country in which it 
operates, thus under no circumstances will allow the existence of corrupt and fraudulent behaviors in the workplace. Based on the "Code of Ethics", 
"Code of Business Integrity" and other behavioral standards developed by the company, Sentelic urges its directors, supervisors, managers, 
employees, and suppliers not to take part in any forms of activities that have known or suspected bribery and corruption.
All new employees are required to sign the "Letter of Commitment for Anti-corruption" to certify their acknowledgement and compliance with the  
policy, and avoid undertakings that involve illegal and corrupt business affairs.
Reporting Mechanism
An open communication channel is available for all stakeholders to express their opinions or complaints on matters related to corporate social 
Company employees are allowed to submit feedbacks or complaints via the company suggestion box or other internally announced communication 
channels. Suggestions Mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Complaint Handling Mechanism
The procedure begins when a complaint is preliminarily accepted by our ad hoc complaint handling team. These alleged cases will then be passed on 
to relevant departments for further investigation. After a case is proven to be true, a special committee would be assembled to deliberate and decide  
on the case. The imposition of disciplinary measures, recovery of improper advantages, or prosecution of criminal liabilities are contingent on the  
severity of the respective cases. While making efforts to strengthen the company's management process and internal control procedures, the  
instances of misconduct can be used as a warning and reminder to all employees to proactively prevent unlawful incidents from happening again.


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