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Dividend Policy:
Earnings of the Corporation may be distributed by way of cash dividend and/or stock dividend. The ratio for cash dividend
shall not be less than 10% of total distribution. Since the industry of the Corporation has seen a steady growth, the Board
of Directors shall propose the distribution of earnings made in accordance with the company's future capital needs and
long-term operational planning, based on the operating conditions at the time, taking into account shareholders'  equity,
balancing dividend policy and capital requirements, and to be submitted at the shareholders' meeting.
                               Dividend - Confirmed by the Shareholders' meeting

                               Dividend - Approved by the Board of Directors

                               Sentelic (stock code: 4945)

Year Per Common Share

Ex-Dividend Date

The Last Day For Registration of
Share Transfer
Record Date Payment Date Shareholders' Meeting
Stock Dividend Cash Dividend
2023 2 2024/05/28
2022 2.7 2023/06/12 2023/06/13 2023/06/18 2023/06/27 2023/05/24
2021 3.2 2022/06/14 2022/06/15 2022/06/20 2022/06/30 2022/05/26
2020 1.60017295 2021/08/10 2021/08/11 2021/08/16 2021/08/31 2021/07/20
2019 1.5 2020/06/23 2020/06/29 2020/06/29 2020/07/10 2020/05/21


Address:114 6F., No. 88, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City