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STL5000 is an 8-bit, standard 8051 1T architecture microcontroller, with built-in 8K Bytes MTP, 8K Bytes SRAM for program use, one 256 Bytes SRAM and one 512 Bytes SRAM for data access. STL5000 supports all standard 8051 instruction set and uses 4 level interrupt priority to handle interrupts. Besides, the maximum operating voltage can reach up to 18V.

STL5000 has an RC oscillator built in, whose operating frequency can reach up to 51.2MHz and can be used for microcontroller and system. 16 general purpose input and output pins (GPIO) can be configured as open-drain, CMOS output, digital input or analog input, with bidirectional function. 2 standard 16-bit timers, 1 16-bit timer with 4 capture units and a watchdog timer are provided. A serial interface (Synchronous Serial Output, SSO) is provided for the output of a large amount of synchronized data. 6 PWM signals can be used for single phase or three-phase motor driver. 3 comparators, one of which is for single-phase Hall sensor and the other two are for current limit. A 10-bit ADC with 8 logical channels, mapping to 7 I/O pins and 1 system voltage source.

When the microcontroller starts up, the code stored in MTP will be loaded into internal memory and then be executed from the memory. To ensure the integrity of the program, the code has an additional CRC16 cyclic code. STL5000 provides in-system programming (ISP) function, which realizes a way to program code by two signal lines when the system has been integrated. The same signal lines for ISP can also be used for in-circuit debugging (ICD) function and thus programmer will enjoy a convenient development environment.

  • Variable speed DC brushless fan for server and telecommunication systems.
  • Variable speed DC brushless fan for desktop CPUs/GPUs.


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