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The STL6600 series is a pre-driving type BLDC fan controller with advanced closed-loop control within ±5% variation of rotation speed. Built-in Sentelic advanced timing control improves the motor efficiency and vibration.

The device supports direct PWM input to eliminate the circuit for PWM to DC conversion, thus reduce the external component counts. Friendly design programming interface adjusts any fan speed curve setting. The device provides PWM outputs frequency at 25kHz to support either a single-phase full-wave driving, or a 2-phase half-wave driving of a motor coil.

The STL6600 series is designed in a soft-start feature with programmable incremental duty cycle from [Start Duty] to [End Duty] and total [Soft Time] to further smooth-out the power-up spike on the coil current, thus reducing the start-up noise and relaxing the power budget. Other important function such as current limiting options by internal / external, lock protection, and etc are also supported for fan control application.

The device supports automatic lock detection and cease the output current. Once the external stop force is relaxed, the devices automatic recover to the previous speed. Various open-drain output types of RD, Low Speed Alarm RD, Stop Mode RD, Reversed RD, RD+FG, FG and 1/2FG are implemented as the tachometer for system to monitor the speed of a DC fan with magnetic coil of 4 or 8 poles.

  • Variable speed DC brushless fan for desktop CPU / GPU coolers.
  • Variable speed DC brushless fan for sever / telecom system.


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