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Employee Benefits


An overview of the employee benefits, training, retirement systems, as well as labor-management agreements; protect all the rights of employees.

In offering the best care including work, life, safety, and health. 



I. Employee benefits

1. Labor insurance and national health insurance.

2. Employee remuneration.

3. Subsidies for regular employee health examination.

4. Employee travel allowance.

5. Holiday bonuses.


II. Employee training


The Company hopes its employees can constantly strengthen skills relevant to their line of work through in-service training and education. Sentelic puts emphasis on the development of long-term talents.

At Sentelic, we acknowledge the importance of long-term talent development, which is why we offer training to our employees, helping them expand their perspective while also contributing to their future career development.

III. Employee retirement system

Sentelic's employee retirement system:

1. The company's pension system is set in accordance with Taiwan's labor standards law and is a deemed a welfare      retirement plan. Employee pension is given according to their years of service and the average salary of the six months     prior to the retirement approval date. Every month, 2% of the employee's monthly salary is contributory to the     employee's retirement fund, and is deposited in the name and by the supervisory committee of business entities' labor     retirement reserve into a bank of Taiwan account.

       2. The Company adopts the pension system in accordance with the "Labor Pension Act" and is deemed a government-             mandated retirement plan. Every month, 6% of the employee's monthly salary is allocated as pension funds to the            individual account of the labor insurance bureau.

IV. Labor-management communication


Sentelic promotes positive employee-employer relationships by implementing a variety of unobstructed negotiation channels and methods. We actively listen to, as well as address our employees' suggestions. In protecting the rights and interests of our employees, Sentelic not only complies with relevant regulations and policies required by law, but also takes the employee's rights and welfare into consideration. Labor-management meetings are held every quarter to review the issues raised by employees, as well as to formulate improvement measures.

Any employee is subject to unfair treatment in terms of human resources systems, work environment, employee benefit/forced labor, discrimination or sexual harassment, a complaint can be filed through the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Address:114 6F., No. 88, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City