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過去各種3C裝置得仰賴其專屬充電/供電配件,造成攜帶不便與日後隨裝置淘汰的浪費與環保議題,繼歐盟立法統合手機廠以microUSB為唯一充電標準,USB-IF協會正全力推廣架構於USB的Power Delivery(PD)充電/供電源規範,使現有3C裝置從平板、手機到顯示器、桌機、週邊等,只憑一條Type C USB連接線連接就能傳輸資料同時充電...

精拓科技針對PD 協議推出F75192支持DFP/ UFP mode , F75191 e-Marker IC .提供友善簡易的操作介面及完整的生產測試環境. 並取得USB 協會認證.

F75192 產品特色如下

USB Type-C Specification Compliant:

  • Assign CC and VCONN Pins.

  • Support Connection Detection on CC Pin.

  • Detect USB Cable Plug Attach.

  • Cable Orientation and Role Detection.

  • Pull-up/down Resistor ( Rp / Rd ) Integrated.

USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller:

  • Support FUN pin to select DFP Mode or UFP Mode.

  • Support H_VDD pin to sense VBUS voltage.

  • Support CTRL1/2 pins to change the request voltage (UFP mode).

  • Support Full PD Profile 0~5(5V/12V/20V) and Apple Type-C Profile (14.5V).

  • LED pin can light external LED Indicator to show DFP Mode or UFP Mode.

Port Power Switch:

  • Support VCONN power switch control.

  • EN_VBUS pin could enable the USB Power Switches for VBUS voltage (DFP mode).

  • EN_SINK pin could enable the switches for request VBUS voltage (UFP mode).

  • Discharge VBUS Voltage could be performed by DIS_CHARGE Pin.



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